The Al-Kayed Palace Guesthouse offers modern comfort in a spectacular ancient setting. Set in a nineteenth-century Ottoman palace, newly and sympathetically renovated, it is surrounded by the picturesque Palestinian village of Sebastia and its thousands of years of history.

At the Al-Kayed Palace you can expect:
— a warm welcome
— a beautiful place to stay
— authentic, delicious Palestinian food
— and the knowledge that you are supporting local people and community organisations.

In the surrounding village and landscape you can find:
— a vibrant Palestinian agricultural community
— modern cultural activities
— archaeological remains and historic buildings from the Samaritan, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman periods
— stunning scenery in which to walk and hike, including visits to historic maqams (Islamic shrines) and the Ottoman station on the Hijaz railway

For more about the Al-Kayed Palace’s history and current owners, click here. To book rooms, meals and tours or to get in touch with enquiries click here. For more on the historic Palestinian village of Sebastia and its sights, click here.

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